I’ve been trying again.

I seem to have a surprising amount of time on my hands for someone who is moving house and has a new baby. This time seems to be up to 0300 but still, better doing something useful than wasting it on sleep.

So, I was scanning my old prints some more last night. I took a bit more time over it but the results are still patchy. I’ve been looking at negative scanners and the like, so I’ll maybe see about one of them. The pro service/send away option might well be the way to go though.

As always, these are all on Flickr if you want a better look.

Looking SW down the ridge of Buachille Etvie Mor. You never get this view, everybody is to busy being stunned by the view the other way :o)


Looking towards Ben Cruachan. It was a searingly cold day. That wee cloud on the summit looked like someone pulling a silk sheet over a pile of crystal vases. Nice.

I love this one. Frozen snowmelt on Ben Lomond.

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