It’s the wrong kind of winter dammit

It started off so well this week, clear and cold, although the younger swans looked confused as hell with the suddenly solid canal. Or maybe they were thinking “That dick’s going to drop his new phone into the only bit of clear water around here under the bridge” Good point.
Now its shitey freezin slushy horror falling from the grey mush overhead.
It’s the mixed signals winter is sending, I don’t know whether to walk over and introduce myself in a friendly fashion or sit in my seat and pretend to read the paper in case I catch its eye and it turns out to be a psycho or a drunk who wants to talk to me, really close to my face.
Winter, get it together. ‘Mon.

7 thoughts on “It’s the wrong kind of winter dammit”

  1. It’s going to be a bit on and off over the next few weeks but still colder than last year,
    But there’s a consensus growing that the real stuff is going to arrive early to mid January.

    Might give me a chance to justify all my gear purchases this year.
    Christmas would be better as I hate sitting in the office looking at the snow falling and knowing that I’m stuck behing the desk,

  2. The real stuff is already out there, amazing powder conditions on Beinn a’Chochuill today, most of the mountains in all directions looked plastered!

  3. I’m watching the forecast now to see if I can make a dash over the next few days.
    It was torture yesterday watching powder whip off the slops above me into the golden rasy of a sunset. As I fitted pipe below…

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