It’s the little things…Optimus

The neighbours think I’m looking at them, but they should know by now that I’m only looking out for the postman. The good folks at Optimus have sent some of their new cookwear this way.

I’ll cover it all later once it’s been out and about, hopefully I’ll get some of it on the WHW now that I’m delayed by a week. But for the moment here’s a look at a wee bit of genius. A folding spork. It’s normal EU standard spork length (EN 13666) for getting to the bottom of foil bags without orange knuckles, or indeed the well known Reiter induced “Noodle Knuckle”. But when folded it fits into your pot with the gas canister, stove and cuppamatic sachets. No more hunting for my implement for me, oh no.

17 thoughts on “It’s the little things…Optimus”

  1. Will, the link is fixed! Dead similar aye, might be sourced from the same factory and they add their own wee tweaks to the kit.

    soularch, I’m staying at home now. The fabled manbearpig might eat me in the forest. It really is a shocker that.

  2. I saw Manbearpig when Me, Lesley and Iain cycled the WHW last April! I’m totally serial!

    Wait. Is that the last time I rode my bike?

    Kill me.

  3. Actually, a beasty that is out to devour unsuspecting walkers would add a lot of interest to your WHW trip . I especially like the idea of being able to follow you on the SPOT tracker, I`ll feel like one of the crew of the Nostromo watching helplessly as Captain Dallas`s blip joined up with that of the Alien. That would get you moving quicker ;)

  4. “So what does this SPOT key on?”
    “Micro changes in air density”

    “All we found was this rucksack, no PTC, no blood, no nothing…”

  5. Genius.

    I can see it now, me pinning Brian against the wall of the Green Welly shouting: You set us up! The cabinet minister, the whole business! You got us in here to do your dirty work.

    Brian: I knew I couldn’t get you in here without a cover story.

    Me: What story did you hand to PTC*?

    Brian: PTC* came in here and disappeared.

    Me: He didn’t disappear, he was SKINNED ALIVE! So you cooked up a story and dropped the six of us in a meat grinder… What happened to you Brian, you used to be somebody I could trust.

    Brian: I woke up. Why don’t you…

  6. I know what you’re thinking. “Did he pitch with six pegs or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is WHW, the longest bimble in the world, and would blow your knees clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  7. The folding spork looks exactly the same as one made by Tibetan that I got off Bob @ backpackinglight. its one of my fave bits of kit fits nicely in an Apkit mytimug.

  8. Hi Ptc, have you managed to wrap your chops around one of these yet, I think it will become an essential bit of kit for me ! You could try to eat the manbearpig with it :-)

  9. I have it on good authority that as long as I don’t sit in tne tent with a Buff over my face and say “manbearpig” three times then he will not bother me…

    The spork is coming (hopefully with all the rest of the Optimus kit:o))

  10. I’ll tell you, I am a bit nervy about when it gets dark. It was pitch dark on Monday and I was pretty near a road.
    Next week I’ll be on Rannoch Moor at the same time of night and in my mind manbearpig, Darth Vader, Davros, the Mysterons and Iggle Piggle will circling me with slavery lips as I pitch my bivvy bag in the middle of a Heironymous Bosch painting.

    That folding spork had better be good…

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