It’s not fair

I mean, Holly gets a purple fleece and is so excited about it she falls asleep. Her poor old grey haired dad would love a purple fleece, he would be excited, oh yes.

16 thoughts on “It’s not fair”

  1. Here, North Cape used to make a Rhovyl top for men in shocking pink. I used to lift it off the rack all the time and think about the reaction I’d get, but the £24.99 was never worth the reaction.
    I’d wear it now of course!

  2. Who needs a PHD bag and an Exped Downmat when you’ve got a lovely purple fleece and dad’s shoulder?

  3. It’s a very technical shoulder too, that’s Haglofs finest Powerstretch there. Holly’s equally unmoved by that fact.
    That when she as just back from playgroup and she was absolutely knackerd :o)

  4. Aye we had those reversible North Cape Fleeces as team uniform at college.
    I do beleive they called it magenta, some prat knicked it when I worked in France and I was gutted.

  5. As I was reading this my three year old daughter walked in and said “that man has got the same colour hair as you”. I asked if she thought that meant we were distinguished etc. She said no, just getting old!
    She did add though that she thought the hat was nice as it matches her new pink waterproofs. She is very much a girlie girl. I’m please to say she does like camping though.
    Even in my T0 trek ;-)

  6. I can’t believe you DON’T have a purple fleece – you just didn’t want to clash with your daughter, right?

    Mine’s more lilac, than purple (which I know is not the same) but for a tenner I can live with that!

  7. Mrs sbrt says purple is on trend so following the usual laws of fashion, Menswear should follow soon and outdoor gear eventually.
    i am sure Holly already kows this.

  8. Nah, she likes the Bear in the Big Blue House :o)

    I do have purple fleeces, but they’re old and heavy, and I just couldn’t wear one like that…

  9. Awwww, lovely picture!

    And you’ve trained her well. Bears are Great. I’ve still got a Bear I was given as a baby. He’s now got err… plenty of Friends! :-)

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