It’s birds, not specks of dirt.

I got out and about today, and it was beautiful if a little hairy on the roads. Interestingly the cold seems to have broken everyone’s indicator lights? I saw some customers, got some work done and as I got back to base, the sun was setting over the heights of Renfrewshire. I grabbed the camera and jogged down to the train station and over the bridge, hoping to catch the sun as it kissed the snow goodnight. The sky was aglow, the Kilpatricks behind me were pink candyfloss speckled with chocolate sprinkles and I was just a little too late. The last rays of the sun spilled across the river and burned orange through the gently wafting mist that played across the surface of the water. Cold fingers found “Sunset” on the camera and it was gone.
Snow makes the desolate look beautiful, the ugly seem sublime. The mountains just pull on their best suit when winter comes, but the forgotten spaces and places have their moments of wonder too.

7 thoughts on “It’s birds, not specks of dirt.”

  1. I feel a wee wander about the harbour coming on.
    Never mind indicator lights what about ignoring give way , stop signs even traffic lights, good job it’s all done at 5mph .Once you get over the shock that everyone has gone a bit loopy it’s really quite funny.

  2. The harbour and old shipyard are great, especially just now. Your proper photographers eye’ll pick out some magic shots.

    Aye the roads are brilliant, from my living room window :o)

  3. They are lovely photos. I’ve been getting the bus the past two days for safety reasons and there’s been some lovely clear orangey sunsets. It’s a pity the bus windows are mocket!

  4. Kev, it’s the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with Spiderman fighting Tarzan, the two of them swinging from plant pot to plant pot while Spitire VB’s shoot down TIE fighters in a massive ariel battle above.
    Great photies.

    It’s been consistently gorgeous Ange. I hope you sit at the back of the bus and misbehave.

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