It’s amazing how quick you can get out the door sometimes

Heavy snow with flakes the size of scones had me standing at the window grinning, but it was Joycee who said let’s go.
The weather might have really bad at 900m, but at 300m it was fine, refreshing even. We watched the pulses of sleet crossing Cowal and Renfrewshire then sweep up the hillside towards us, chasing the patches of blue sky in all directions except overhead. But, warm and dry, hoods up, we were impervious to its attempts to spoil our fun.

Always nice to get snow on your boots.


4 thoughts on “It’s amazing how quick you can get out the door sometimes”

  1. Was that the OK hills? I took a wee run up there late yesterday afternoon and it was nice to run through the snow – done a lot of that this winter. Thing that struck me was how quick conditions chnage in winter, even at 300m – sunshine to black cloud and heavy snow in 5 minutes.

  2. It was Del, dead handy having them so close. I never get bored either, they’re too big and the change of the seasons keeps me on my toes.

  3. Handy indeed. I live on the southside but I get out on the OKs quite a lot as my folks live in Old Kilpatrick, so I can palm the weans off on them for an hour or two and get out a jaunt when I visit. I’m sure I’ll bump into you one day!

  4. Definitely, I’m never away from them. You’ll take the Station Road access route from OK? It’s a great loop from there to Duncolm across to Doughnot hill and down to Milton. Guaranteed wet feet, but magic nonetheless!

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