It’s a gas

I’m worried about gas. Screw-top gas canisters are what I want to use for camping, it’s simpler, quicker, cleaner and it’s incredibly wasteful. The most modern stoves with their regulated flames are helping as they completely empty the canister, but you’re still left with a lump of metal to recycle (after you’ve holed with your Crunch-It/screwdriver).
I do my best to use up my part-used canisters, I’ve seen me taking three almost-empties on a trip to try and use it all up. I had two of those with me last weekend and emptied both of those, but it’s still not good enough.
We need refillable, universally compatible and widely available small capacity canisters. It would be easy to do, just make them a little stronger, put a check box like a coffee house loyalty card on the side so you can mark off your ten refills before the can gets scrapped. Tiso and GoOutdoors etc could have a filling station with a code reader for a barcode on the can to keep track of your ten refills.
A stronger can would weigh more, but what the hell does that matter when waste is cut and consciences might be eased a little. And it could be worse, we could all be lugging a 500g monster gas can around like Beauregard below there. 

12 thoughts on “It’s a gas”

  1. Feck me side ways the last time I seen a gas canister that big it was strapped to the arse of the space shuttle. I agree though there is no excuse for manufacturers not be able to produce a re-useable canister, calor have been doing it for years but I can’t lug a caravan up a hill. ;)

  2. She might be a dolly burd but her tent is pitched like a pund o mince. Bet shes burnt the noodles. ; )

  3. Nobody wants to agree a standard or set up the infrastructure for refilling, which is ironic as some apparently different gases come from the same place with a different print on the can.

    Beauregard? Bless her minimal camping skills, we may be seeing more of her on these pages too.

  4. Perhaps someone should have a word with Calor, about making a canister, rather than trying to get one of the existing non refillables manufacturers to change?

  5. I may have a gas canister in the garage that big, it’s used for the BBQ!

    Good idea about going to Calor to make a universal refillable canister. Don’t see why it wouldn’t work??

    More of Beauregard, poor pitching skills and all is more than welcome by me :-)

  6. Agree wholeheartedly. At present I’m sticking with meths/esbit supplemented with wood burning option but I’d love to see a more eco-friendly gas option, particularly for winter trips…

  7. Maybe somone has tried, but I can’t find anything on it. Camping Gaz had a screw in thing for small canisters so a modular idea of some sort isn’t a big step away.

  8. It’s interesting that, as well as dangerous :o)

    It shows the simplicity of the concept very well, all we need is a 100L tank in a cage with a fill station in outdoor store and we’re away.

    Good link that.

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