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The motor started the week off in the garage, air in the diesel turning it into garden furtniture each morning when it should have been personal transport. Turns out the fuel pump that went in last week was faulty and was sucking the air in and ruining everything. Got it back in time to see a single customer on Thursday, so not a good week for the engineering stuff. Did have a wee gear meeting (more on that later) where the some interesting info was came upon, shoes sales are creeping up and boot sales are not. Hah!

Tomorrow will see a change, we’re in the recording studio and when I come back I’ll put away the guitars and shit that’ve been littering the whole place for the past couple of weeks. Joycee will be pleased. Even the kitched table has been a workbench, with soldering iron and spare parts lying on it as I hot-rod various guitars to try and get something new sounding for tomorrow. We’ll see, I’ve got a wee bit of a cold so I’ll get maybe two shots at the vocals. Ach, if my throat fails I’ll just put more guitars down. Never recorded tuned so low, B on the low E string, the engineer is going to be utterly dismayed. Especially when I play the guitar through a bass amp as well. Might sound horrendous, might not.

A hill on Sunday I hope. In Kintail there was a little rusty tone lurking under the lush green, as if summer had tired out the landscape and it was just aching for autumn. That makes two of us.
I’m trying not to think about next week yet. It’s gear, all of it. Down south on Tuesday AM for three days of kit, right in the middle is a visit to the PHD factory. Oh, there’ll be lots to show and tell when I get back.

I’m getting abandonment issues, another old friend is leaving the country, Germany this time. It’s as well I’m an only child, I’m used to solo adventures.

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  1. Hi PTC. I see your PHD visit is imminent. Just an add-on to my observation about the lack of wide bag options outside DYO. If that option isn’t practical, how about making an expander panel available for the full zip options of their most popular bags?

    1. That rings a bell you know, I wonder if they had it before. or I’ve seen someone else doing it? I shall mention it.

  2. Yep, Mtn Hardware, Big Agnes, North Face, Mountain Equipment & Cumulus all do them if you scratch around. Some are down-filled & some synthetic. Cumulus even do winter & summer weight down models. Of course, you need to check compatability but these days most companies use YKK’s sleeping bag-designated zips of various length/gauge.
    I suspect that your bell was rung by the Rab expander panels which don’t seem to feature on their site any more. Fortunately I still have an old Rab one & after a bit of fiddling managed to fit it onto my Minim 350, so my problem’s solved for now!
    I’m just concerned that PHD might be missing a trick & losing customers for their narrow ultralight bags. I’m sure all its customers want this particular company to prosper!

  3. I’ve got so used to the narrow bags in the past few years, you forget how odd it feels at first.
    You know, if the expander panels were in wacky colours it would look like your sleeping bags had a racing stripe…

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