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Usually at this time of year I’m on here all tears and snotters about my tax return, not this year, it’s done and paid. I don’t feel pleased myself at all, just poorer.
But, it’s nice to get boxes ticked. Busy is good, but busy makes me nervous, that’s because the only alternative and the only way to go from busy is to not-busy and that’s a bad place to be.
This time tomorrow I should be in the Lakes, I foresee shops, tea rooms and hopefully meeting up with some buddies. For all the test kit and showrooms I see, I still love the outdoor shops in the lakes, proper independents crammed with stuff. I’ll come back with something I’m sure.
Talking of test kit, some new brands are in and some exciting stuff ‘s coming up. Lowe Alpine have sent a couple of packs, and it’s great to see an old brand making kit that looks as if it’s on the money. I’ve got a Lightflite 28 which is out later this year, a super light adventure racing pack with genius water bottle pockets on the shoulder straps. The other is a Zepton which is a dyneema backpacking sack that’s got all the stuff it needs to be winter compatible, looks like a real design departure from the Lowe I used to know and I’ve got high hopes for it. It’s going on the next overnighter.
Also joining are Thorlo with some new models, and Komperdell poles. Thorlo are long term friends of my feet but Komperdell and I are meeting for the first time.
Tents have been spoken of and seen recently, and I’ll have a few new models on here too, the new Vaude Power Tokee, the 2011 Laser Photon with the new guys points etc, and Terra Nova say I’m next in line for the Ultra sample…
So, with that kit, a few days spare and full tank of diesel, maybe I can take the bare look off this old place.

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  1. The taxman gave me money back this year,which is nice but it would have been better to earn enough to pay some,hey ho. Things are better this year ,all good.

    Talking of independants in the Lakes ,Outdoor Warehouse has given up its shop and gone online only, shame, but at least they are still trading.

  2. I kind of stopped looking at new kit over that last year as all available funds went towards the wedding but that’s done and I can concentrate on getting out to play again. However I’m getting really fed up with the search for new kit. I read loads about the stuff you have on test but actually finding it in the flesh to fondle and try on before I buy is an absolute nightmare.

    Take my search for a full on down jacket for example. It seems tomme that the jacket in stock in anywhere in Scotland is the Rab Neutrino. It almost fits the bill but when I’m about to spend approx 200 sheets I want it to REEALLY fit and make me smile. I like the look of the red Berghaus one youv’e been carrying recently or some of Haglofs offerings but I can’t try them on anywhere.

    Its still the same Crux tent I’ve been tripping over in the Glasgow Tiso outdoor experience since last year so where do I get to see the new Terra Nova tents with new guy points? How can the outdoor companies be making money if they aren’t selling me kit? Get the distribution sorted and I’ll be more likely to be reaching for my wallet, because trust me I wont be parting with £200 on the strength of 1 pretty picture on your website! Oh and don’t even get me started on the lack of colours….we don’t all want to be dressed in stealthy ninja black!

  3. adi, always swings and roundabouts here too, I haven’t ever had two matching years, I’m always worried it makes me look like a tax dodger.
    Aye, shame about Outdoor Warehouse, cracking wee shop to visit.

    BBF. I feel your pain, I bet you can try most of it on or see it down in the Lakes :o)
    The Terra Nova update isn’t in the shops yet, I’m sure it’ll be the model you see anyway after the price of the Ultra version was revealed…
    You’ll just need to come on a trip and squeeze the gear!

  4. If you are anywhere near Sowerby Bridge (near Halifax) then Springfield Camping is worth a visit

    Got loads of great gear and I was able to see and feel the Terra Nova Competition before purchase as it was set up in the shop. They might have other Terra Nova tents in now; I haven’t visited for a couple of years as I no longer live in Yorkshire :(

  5. Liteflite, Thorlo and Komperdell…. sound like characters from an Alan Garner book. ‘Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ anyone??

  6. Now that takes me back to reading in the garden one summer holiday as kid. Might have to see if PTC* can pop a tarp on the Edge during his current trip…

  7. aembleton, I waa hopeful of seeing more stuff but the closest I got was the carpark of The Square, looks like a cracking shop too.

    Bellie, there’s a 70’s cop show in there as well I think.

    More-On, I had the Terra Nove Bivi tarp on the crest of Stanage Edge.
    For about an hour :o)

  8. These tarp’s, are they all from the big manufacturers or are there some of the smaller more specialised cottage manufacturers too? I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts as I’ve toyed with tarping before and had mixed results.

    Apologies for the rant earlier but I’m pretty narked off at the outdoor gear manufacturers and shops just now. I reckon they are missing a few fairly obvious tricks (especially north of the border) that would benefit both them and us. What did we all do before there was an internet? In some way’s things were better then I reckon.

  9. Blame the government and the shops, the brands want the gear stocked and us buying it :o)

    I put up a whole range of manufacturers for the tarp test and the the ones who were quick off the mark were MSR, Exped, Terra Nova, Intergral Designs and then Alpkit, who saved the day when Gossamer Gear could get a model out to us until the middle of February.
    I think it’s good cross section of brands and styles, they’re all completely different, from your basic square of fabric to ready-to-go with guys, pegs and poles.
    The photoshoot went well, I’ve been messing with them a bit up here and had some different pitching ideas in mind for a bit of variety.
    I’ll post about the Peak day in a wee bit.

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