It was snowing

Really, at 300m tonight. The Luss Hills and the Campsies are looking all white and wintery again. And I’m cutting about it in in mesh shoes and running socks.

Still, the wee niggly strain I got on my ankle from a moss clump not really attched to the rock incident couple of weeks ago is now gone. Not a twinge running or walking.

I was a beautiful night as well, a warm yellow sun setting through the patchy snow clouds with the clearest of air and blue skies above. Pink billowing clouds behind on the Eastern horizon. No camera. Harrumph.

The paths around the access points are improving and the signage is going up as I’ve mention before. This time I found a sign from the West Dunbartonshire Council Access Officer giving details of the plans for the Core Path Network and the consultation process. With dates and places to have a look at what they’re up to.

Anybody local should click here and see what it’s all about

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