It was cheaper to buy a return ticket

Last night had many unusuals baked into it. I was in the city centre at night, a school-night at that, and I was in a pub. One can of Irn Bru did me all night right enough, but being in a pub at any time is like having an out-of-body experience for me these days.
There was also a man with an electric cigarette, no smoke, just a blue light on the end. It looked like the most half-hearted impression of a dalek I’ve ever seen.
There were many new faces there, and some familiar faces too, including Das who has been seen on here, although now with proper hair and an expanding guitar collection, and at the centre of it all was Rosie. Rosie is moving the the USA on Thursday with Ange his misses, and it’s a bit of a bugger really. I never see enough of my friends as it is, work, life, time, tiredness all get in the way, and having the Altantic Ocean added in there is just taking the piss.
Still, it was a nice night, laughter, memories and wistful looks. Good luck china.

2 thoughts on “It was cheaper to buy a return ticket”

  1. Aye, it was a good night at that – good seeing yourself again and glad you got a chance to pop in and strum the new toys and pick up the other stuff – see you soon

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