It was all too much

I was away seeing Haglöfs. There was some stuff there that will delight and horrify in equal measure which I’ll have up here soon.

For now here’s this winter’s Bungy Hood in purple Polartec Powerstretch. Adjustable hood, big thumbloop cuffs, three pockets and a cracking fabric. More soon.

10 thoughts on “It was all too much”

  1. Loads of Haglofs in Cotswolds Rockbottom at the weekend and I’ve never seen any there before. Decent prices on old styles but some shockers of colours!

  2. Must be a Scandinavian things this :) Looks very like my Norwegian thing, except for some reason thats got lime green detailing….

    Talking of them doing odd things, any idea what they were thinking with the Ozo?

  3. I have more purple to show, fleece, gore-tex, softshell, down… soon.
    The Ozo, why did they discontinue it? I suppose the Endo and this winter’s Endo pull-on (close look at that coming up) have replaced it. Heavier though.

  4. The hood might be in the same sort of style aye, I’m wearing it at the weekend so I’ll have some info on it.

    Too much purple? Wait until I get some photies up when I get back…

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