ists and isms

I was thinking about this when stuck in traffic yesterday.

I believe (or indeed disbelieve) in various isms, but I’m not an ist.  You can be many ists, but that’s hedging your bets. Probably best to set your own agenda.

Anyway, enough of that pish. In the night, the hood was up and a Ford DFV was installed. The previous motor wasn’t cutting it and the site should be a bit better and less “Temporarily Unavailable”.

8 thoughts on “ists and isms”

  1. Aaaah,but the ‘previous’ motor was much more simple,and probably a fair bit lighter!
    Lovin the links by the way.

  2. I think when he wrote this he was just p-ist ;)

    Doesn’t work that well in Scottish? Substitute -ist for -ishd :)

  3. It turns out that an Ist is an island in the Adriatic Sea and that an Ism is your Arabic first name.

    Unfortunately neither fact helps out mission.

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