Is this Friday?

I sat on the roof watching the clouds whip past. Ben Lomond shouldered the bottom end on it’s upper-most slopes until after lunchtime when it finally lifted clear of the summit. I could see past it to the Glen Falloch hills, just grey shapes today though.
It’s funny how the outdoors has just disappeared. Hmm, not disappeared, just out of reach.
That’s not a bad thing either, I like breaks from stuff, even my favourite stuff, be it hills, guitar, shaving… Not because I need to recharge or regain my enthusiasm, but more that it’s nice to plan and stretch the imagination, just think about what’s coming next instead of knowing exactly. The mountain musing has involved a whole bunch of stuff which will filter through here, there and even elsewhere as time goes on. I’ll tell you, it’s funny how things turn out.

A whole bunch of gear stuff is crawling about under the carpet as well, and I’m not getting to it. All my exclusives will be older that my hat by the time I get them live, Haglöfs’ scrambling shoe, Montane’s 210g eVent smock, Terra Nova’s new… Oh wait, that’s secret ’til 2011. Sorry, what a dick am I, couldn’t resist.
Still, I am going to the annual KORS show next month, and I’ll be seeing some other stuff while I’m down south too. It’ll be gearmageddon all over again.

Talking about the notion of global disaster, we finally watched 2012 on movies-on-demand, and what a bad idea that was. I’m still hoarse from shouting at the telly.
Special effects be damned, they did the cliche avoiding move of the authorities believing the scientist at the beginning, and then sat back for the next two hours throwing paper aeroplanes at their desk fans while the tea lady plundered every other applicable film for ideas to get the thing finished. It makes The Day After Tomorrow look like a week last Wednesday.
Talking of annoying, one of these phone broker companies phoned me while I was doing anything other that talking to someone who wanted to sell me something I didn’t want. I want a phone from someone who builds masts, makes the signal bars appear on my phone, not from a middle-man who is making money without any skill or investment in a system or infrastructure. This news did not sway the salesman, who countered “Well, what would I have have to do to sell you a phone today?”
“Bring back the 70’s” I said.

9 thoughts on “Is this Friday?”

  1. The boiler inspector’s visit!

    Which went well as it turned out, but after 25 years I should know that the first two weeks of July are a carboard box with the lid taped shut.

    But, I should be there tonight at some point.

  2. Woooah rewind…… Did I hear you say 210 gm Montane Event smock?
    I’d sure be interested in your review of that and any schedule for availability.

  3. Aye, it’s aimed at racers, very trimmed down with a fancy non-zip closure.
    I’ll have something on it soon, I’m visting Montane so I’ll get some photies.

    There’s a whole bunch of other new stuff they say :o)

  4. “Terra Nova’s new… Oh wait, that’s secret ’til 2011.”

    Not got anything to do with the article about TN on OM has it?

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