Is that the time?

2014 starts today, the first Monday, the first day for a wee while where reality counts for something. I’m not sure that’s a good or a bad thing, we’ll just have to see how it goes.

There’s stuff waiting to be done, people to be seen and people to be avoided and a sky to shake a fist at for presenting us the most depressing run of weather it could muster.

Does 2013 deserve a review? It must have been too busy during the holidays, it didn’t send me a birthday card or even a text at the bells so why should I do it any favours? Bastard.
On with the new.

What ever the hell that might turn out to be.

3 thoughts on “Is that the time?”

  1. I don’t usually think much of new year resolutions (if you want to change something in your life then make the change today, don’t wait until the calendar year ends) but in 2014 I will pluck up the courage to do a wild camp, even if I can’t find anyone to go with me.

    Happy new year Petesy, I hope the weather gets better so that we can all enjoy some of your usual snow camp photies.

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