I stopped a wee bit early today. My shoulder is loupin’, the wind and rain were no fun on the roof as I fannied about with the pipework up there, and, I just couldn’t be arsed frankly.
So, I said to Holly did she want to see if the Amy Pond figure was in the shop? There was just enough time to nip out and have a look. “Wes!” was the reply.
True enough, although Forbidden Planet was sold out, Amy Pond was hanging in good numbers on A1 Comics’ rack in Braehead. Holly clutched one with much excitement and both hands as dad scanned the other wee folk in the same rack area. There’s the olive drab dalek with the ammo pouches and water bottle… “Would you like some tea?” it had said to the Doctor. It’s sitting in front of me as I write this, and I keep flicking my eyes up to it to see if it’s going to aske me the same question. Hey, you never know.

27 thoughts on “Ironside”

  1. So, is Amy Pond the 21st century Barbie?

    I wonder if The Doctor’s real name is Ken… :))

  2. haha at matt! Only just managed to watch the last episode… terrific it was. So happy that David Tennant has gone and the new writer has turned out to be quite a find. There’s just the right amount of malevolance and quirkiness. IMO

  3. Oh, we have Barbie’s as well, and Disney princesses at every turn.
    No Ken allowed.

    Funny, Joycee says that Amy Pond/Karen Gillan is a hate figure for all the wummin in her work. I wonder it’s something she said, or did, or wore…

    I enjoyed the new series. It was much better that any of the other “new” stuff for me. A bit darker, more quirky, more Doctor Who really. I hope they don’t let it slacken off next year.

    Bets for who else comes back next year:
    5/1 Zygons
    3/2 Ice Warriors
    2/1 Sea Devils
    50/1 Adric

  4. Here, if I post any more of this random stuff there will be absoloutely no indication on the front page that I have anything to do with the outdoors :o)

  5. Allow be to drag you back, kicking and screaming… :-)

    Looking at the kit you carried in the Trail feature this month: What are the compression drybags you’re using? And, more importantly, are they any good??

  6. Is that the Wheelie feature issue in the shops? Looking forward to seeing that, I’ve only seen an unfinished pdf version.
    Anyway, the sacks are POD and Sea to Summit, both eVent and both brilliant. I’ll do a post filling in some of the gaps when I get my copy of the mag.

  7. > Is that the Wheelie feature issue in the shops?

    I guess so. My subscription copy arrived on Saturday.

    > I’ll do a post filling in some of the gaps..

    Looking forward to it!

  8. I am on the look out for that. Is it the July or August issue? I sneaked a peek inside the plastic wrapper of the July issue in WHSmith but couldn’t see it in there.

  9. I missed most of this series of Dr Who but will catch up on it soon. I do like Amy Pond though. And Matt Smith is a perfect Dr but then the other two Dr’s in the modern era were not bad too – Christopher Eccleston being one of my favourite actors.
    Anyway Trail, I’ve not bought it for aaageeees!!!

  10. The new Doctor is likeable but the stories have been fantastic. I love the old ” you have to use your napper because this is one of those crazy timeline adventures, don’t make a cuppa or you’ll be lost” type storylines.Treating your audience like they have brains sits well with me.

  11. Ange get on that iPlayer, as Pat says it really is involving TV at times. Still lots of silliness too though.

    But this Trail, it’s wheelie good :o)

  12. I can’t sit thru’ an episode of Dr Who without shouting at the telly and turning it over :o) I think I watched about 15 minutes of the 1st episode of this new series and that was it for me.

    But hey, whatever floats yer boat :o)

  13. It helps to have a double espresso before it starts to get your biorhythyms up to the same pace s modern scripting :o)
    Watching some of the old stuff and comparing it, it looks like you’ve got the pause button on.

  14. I saw a bit of one episode (the Tennant & Piper era) and I swear all that was missing was the Benny Hill music. Frenetic. That’s the word.

    “Dear Points of View, why are the BBC wasting my licence fee on this pish? Buy the rights to Firefly and get Joss Whedon on board, you fuckers! Harrumph!”


  15. The Tennant stuff was very run-stop-exclaim-run-stop-scream-run-stop-plot-point-run-kill-baddie-credits.
    It has gotten better,

    In saying that, I still wistfully scan the listings for reruns of the Logan’s Run TV series, so what the hell do I know?

  16. Well, you know good, classic sci-fi for a start :o)

    Could be worse. Back in the day it was Dr Who on a Saturday or nothing. Or maybe Blakes 7 on a Monday, if you were lucky :o)

  17. Traumatised a lot of folk, that did. Not as much as the dodgy special effects did tho.

    In space, no one can see your ship wobble :o)

  18. But as the revisionists would say, look at the quality of the acting…

    The biggest thing I see these days is the terrible lighting in old BBC sci-fi, all brightly lit from the gantry above. It made every set look like a factory loading bay.

  19. It’s a panzerdalek!! Oh…wait,it cant be. It’s painted in olive drab and it has a union jack on it…..oops.

  20. Dr Who was good – enjoyed this series more than those recent ones previously :)

    this month’s trail also good. Mate already texting me saying he loves the wheelie idea and me and the Mrs are going to walk the lakeland Haute route in August.

    This month has been v. good so far – with shiny kit purchases including some lovel PHD stuff for us both too – hurrah!

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