Iron Butterfly: Winter Meet 2010 ***Update***

Not looking good. The snow has kept Hendrik in Finland, and the A82 is shut just up the road.

Aye, they say timing is everything.



Exactly one year on from above and below I’m having a meet, let’s hope we get the same conditions.
Hendrik is coming over from Finland, and I think we should put a team together. The nights on the hill will be Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of November, two short days either side and one big one in the middle. There’s not a lot of daylight hours now, and as we’ll be camping high, 900/1000m, the route will probably be quite compact. Depending on the weather we’ll be in the Cairngorms or Lochaber-ish. Further north is out for travelling time reasons.
As you probably know I have a few tents about the place, so this is a good chance to get them all out and for some of you folks to try them out. I know it’s on weekdays, but I hope a few of you good people will come along.
Please comment below, I’ll use this post as the base-camp for the meet so everyone can see what’s happening.
Small Print:
No, we won’t all be camping at the same spot, we’ll sort that out on the day.
No, you can’t keep the tents.
No, I’m not taking the piss.
Yes, I talk the same as I write.
Yes, I will take photies of you.
Yes, it will be fun.

39 thoughts on “Iron Butterfly: Winter Meet 2010 ***Update***”

  1. B@##@#&s :-( Would love to join you but its way too soon after the bone man has been trying to fix my knee.

    I will sit back with the feet up in anticipation of the write up and photies

  2. I too would love to come but the Little Man has only just made his appearance on Planet Earth and I think my karma would be severely affected leaving Mrs M alone with him right now… ;-)

    Enjoy lads and think of me next time, please.

  3. Would have come to this if dates had been different but already now booked off every Friday except weekend before this meet which I’m working in London Fri, Sat and Sun so won’t make it up there. I’m going the opposite way of Hendrik and actually heading over to Scandinavia the weekend after, though not for outdoorsy reasons, the missus is dragging me to A-Ha’s last ever gig in Oslo!!!!

  4. First time in months I’ve been busy at work! Ain’t lookin’ good for the meet and myself, however, if we get really wet weather forecast for down here – I’ll be able to get over the border but it will be short notice. Supposed to be on a course in the Lakes on the Sat, Sun… halfway there already, so I’ll be gutted if I have to head south after. Ah the joys of being self employed!
    We’ll see.

  5. Sorry I won’t be about for this one either. I’ll finally be on the injection moulding training course I’ve been nagging my work about for the past 2 years….mind you, there’s still no sign of the “Blunt and tactless” course yet either…

  6. I would love to come along but it’s a school night and I’ve no holidays left so I’ll just have to look forward to reading all about it. :)

  7. Sadly I too have work and no holiday (I’m using the last of this years to make it to KMF this weekend) :-(
    I get my next quota in April so how about a ‘spring’ adventure?
    Anyway, I’ll look forward to the write up and being very envious…

  8. I’d been chatting to Hendrik about this for a while, and had told him I couldn’t make it due to a colossal financial SNAFU by my employer, in December of all months. But I’d love to come, if I manage to take care of the current financial hellhole I’m currently in, I may make a last minute attempt you join you all, even if it’s only overnight…

  9. My manager has tentatively agreed that I can have the time off. All depends if something big breaks on the Friday before.

    Hopefully it’ll be fine; and I’ll make it :)

  10. Pete – would love to come BUT – my wife just reminded me that I have to take her to the hospital for an appointment with the specialist and she likes me to go along with her.
    Maybe next time – have a good trip

  11. Gutted – just ain’t gonna happen for me, normally I’d just head off but it’s a three man job and I gotta be there at all times :-( Not working the week after either but that’s how the cookie crumbles, at least I’ll save the £150 it would have cost for fuel!

  12. Would do, but 3 problems, distance, travel costs, uni (got a practical session on monday, the one thing I can’t miss)

  13. Bummer that the timing is out for most of us. There will be other times people.

    A big “Alright!” to Journeyman Traveller.

    Ange, possibly, are you coming with it?

  14. I have a free pass out! Care to let a slow-coach straggler tag along?

    Contemplating how I can extend the range of my PD400 into the cold, it’s rated at -5c and I think I’ll be alright at that but any colder I might struggle. Hmmm, down trousers? top half is fine as I have PHD down jacket.

  15. Indeed. But bl**dy heck, I’ve just been looking on Metcheck: -14c in Aviemore and -9c Fort William for next monday. Ouch! That’s a different order of warm stuff!

  16. As I said on the other post, I am also well p**sed off that I can’t make it either. Family again – Dad is going in for an operation and that is more important than playing out.

    It is almost embarrassing how lots of regular commenters are unable to come.

    Hope you have a great time


  17. Well, have a great meet all of you that get out. Off to the Lakes in a couple of hours for the wkd, which became exciting when I thought I’d best throw the ice axe and crampons in the van… just in case.
    Hopefully, you’ll have blue skies and crisp cold days.


  18. Given the forecast, cold and wind, up there as well snow for the journey tomorrow or early monday, I’m going to scratch. It’s all a bit too close for comfort and safety.

  19. Harrumph!

    I don’t blame you Beth, you’d be fine once we met up, but that journey there and back on your own could be a bit hairy.

    There will be more times.

  20. I wish I’d known, I might have been up for that, although I doubt I’d be able to keep up with two veterans like yourselves. I suppose Hendriks coming for the warmer weather? It will be interesting to see what shelter he opts for. Look forward to the write up.

    I will be heading up that way on Christmas Eve. Hopefully the weather will not be too extreme.

  21. My knee’s shot, plus I’m an old bloke, anyone could keep up :o)

    I still haven’t decided on my tent yet, I think Hendrik’s taking the Photon.
    This is the best conditions to see if going lightweight works!

  22. Take care on the roads, wee had mini-epic coming home tonight which involved some members of the Scottish Rugby Tem lending a hand. Passable with care my Ar$E!

  23. I’m glad I didn’t venture north, sounds lovely up there. As you say they’ll be other times. Tho with the budget I was prepared to blow now going to be spent on a decent winter sleeping bag, I’ll have to be content with the odd trip to the lakes the rest of the winter – assuming it doesn’t get too mad the whole time!

  24. It’s nice right aye, but the roads are hairy, so you definitely made the right call.
    Ah, the joys of a winter sleeping bag shall be yours then, see it all worked out nicely :o)

  25. Ach, it’s a bugger isn’t it. The weather is looking brilliant for the next few days. We’d have had a blast.
    Another time for sure.

  26. Yeah, I saw the forecast, sun, crisp temps, clear nights – it would have been perfect. Too bad. After I received the text from Ryanair and was at home again, I saw that Edinburgh Airport had re-opened…

  27. Nightmare.

    There is one thing, the cold I’ve had this last week has really taken a grip today, and I feel like shit. So whatever I’m doing tomorrow it’ll have to be short and sweet.

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