Just saw the telly advert for it there. They’ve made it look like it’s lucky we’ve all survived thus far without it, it makes our lives better, it makes our lives so simple, it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of having.

Whoopeefuckindo. Why not use the designers brain power and the R&D and advertising budgets on trying to cure cancer.

Then I might be moved. Or Impressed.

If I don’t flip channels during adverts it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me not to leap from the chair and smash the television to pieces.

2 thoughts on “iphone”

  1. Rarely watch any TV – but if we do it’s on one of those cable boxes (terrible terrestrial signal in Brighton – too many hills). It comes with a “pause live TV” function. So we pause when the adverts come on and do summat else (make tea, read). Once it’s clocked up enough time we just fast forward it. No need to worry about missing the end of the adverts – it’s paused. :)

    Before that we used to mute the adverts anyhow! (But surely that’s like stealing from the TV stations?)

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