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I’ve spent a lot of time this past week with maps and books, even looking back through the blog and packets of my old photies for ideas for new Trail Routes. And you know something, my enthusiasm and excitement for this stuff has never been higher.
No matter how much gear I get sent to test, or how many outdoor-related distractions appear, none of it is taking anything away from the simple joy of heading out there.
Something changed for me last year, and it was on that final successful trip to Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan. I had that feeling of re-discovery, an awakening of sorts after a long doze maybe, and it hasn’t gone away.
I’m planning trips where I’m pointing at the map and walking through the contour lines in my mind and grinning away to myself, I’m thinking about what colour that lochan will be, indigo or algae green, where will I pitch to feel the sunrise warm the tent and waken me gently. I’m sitting here typing, but if I blink I’m also on a top breathing in the cold air and pulling up my hood as the light dims and thoughts (once again) turn to hot cuppas and dinner.
I can be awfy faddy at times, but the Highlands have been a constant for me and as I grow older their grip is tightening. No, not a grip, an embrace.
To find a little thing like that in life, that feels like it’s just enough, I just couldn’t ask for more.

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  1. Agree with everything you say there ptc. I love planning my trips but also the spontenaity of last minute adventures. Just want to win the lottery so I can spend more time discovering.
    As Bobinson said- so many hills so little time…..

  2. The Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan trip was one of my favourite reads, there are a few others too though. But i don’t think i’ve went back to the very beginning yet and read all of those early posts. (They won’t vanish anytime soon will they?). Anyway I don’t get out that often but I know every now and again to come and check here and I’ll get a taste of what it’s like out there, in them there hills.

  3. Funny, I nearly lost a whole year’s worth during the last two days, but it’s all there again.
    I’m finally running the latest version of WordPress too, I was still on the September 2007 version, I really don’t give a shit about that stuff, photies, banter and gear, that’s me :o)

    The early days? Much the same really, and I’m re-doing one of the first trips that I wrote up in the next month or so, the South Glen Shiel Ridge.
    Two motors this time though, the walk back up the road nearly made me cry.

    Here it is in fact

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