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Mr Panda has been absent from these pages for too long. So, here he is, sporting Inov8’s Rain Peak 62.

It’s the wee things that make the difference but get no attention, head, hands and feet need love too, they’re only human. And panda. Inov8 have a bunch of what all brands condemn with faint praise as “accessories”. But rather than brand-up half-arsed sourced kit, there’s some thought went into it, and of course as it’s Inov8 there’s several versions of every model.
The Rain Peak above (and left below) is a water resistant model, made from DWR treated microfibre. It’s a simple affair, but what details there are are the ones I like. The peak is stiff, no wind will deflect this boy, and well shaped to protect your eyes from light, wind and spray. The adjustment is a simple velcro tab, but it works fine and this cap sticks to my head like a giant squid to the Nautilus without routing my forehead for some freeform marquetry. I wore this for the first time in a while in Assynt and I was all smiles.

The general look continues over to the summer model in the middle below, the Hot Peak 60. The fabric here is a stretch mesh, so you get the eye saving sun protection of the same big peak with a chance of letting the heat out the top too. The same velcro tab and the same good fit apply.
To the right is the Winter Peak 65. It’s cut from DWR treated microfibre with a light fleece lining, the same great peak, but here the adjustment is a drawcord, there’s no cut-out at the back this time. This is the right way to do it, look at some of the waterproof caps out there, velcro adjustable at the back with a big hole in the hat, Stupid.
This one has some map contours on it and I think it looks kinda cool

They look different to a lot of the caps out there, and as they’re designed to work rather than just carry a logo, if your head’s the right shape they’ll do a grand job.
The sporty styling and big branding may not be your bag, but you can’t see it when you’re wearing it for that big peak, so what the hell.

More Inov8 test kit updates on the way.

5 thoughts on “Inov8 Caps”

  1. I got one of the fleece lines ones free as I noticed they where £0.00 when I ordered from I think Needle Sports or the Climbers Shop. Either way It cost me nothing and is down to be used this Autumn. Nice kit actually and a good mention by you.

  2. Caps are absurdly handy things, especially for a glasses wearer like myself. I’ve got a cracking OD Paclite one that comes out at this time of year. Tend to be regarded as a bit chavvy by the less enlightened tho.

  3. I can vouch for the Winter Peak 65. I’m delighted with mine. Warm, comfortable, sheds enough water to keep things reasonable and the large peak is a great thing for a spectacle wearer. Unlike Martin Rye, I didn’t get mine on a free transfer………. :)

    I love “accessories”. They make such a difference to an outing. I’ve recently started using ‘wrist warmers’, for example. (Sub Zero). They have helped, a lot, so far. The kind of thing I wish that I’d bought years ago.

  4. I seem to have spent a lot of time outdoors wearing cap back-to-front this year.
    I have no explanation for this, it’s not even an 80’s tribute thing.

    I wear wristbands lot, the X Bionioc Wallaby, I don’t care how bad the science it’s based on is, I think wristbands are genius!

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