Innovation for Extremes: innov_ex 2011

innov_ex is where it’s at in the outdoor trade. It goes beyond the gear and into the heart of design and manufacturing, to the raw materials and the thought processes. I was there in ’09 and ’10 and learned an awful lot, the most important thing being the reasons behind things: why manufacturers make apparently odd decisions. It’s not always to make more money, sometimes its environmental, ethical, logistical, or just because they like it that way.
Now you can piss and moan about stuff on an outdoor forum if you want, or you can attend inn0v_ex and get the answers, or even better watch leading industry figures shift uncomfortably in their seats as they sit and listen to the truth.
This year’s agenda is a good one for you an me, they’re looking at the power of the web in all things outdoor as well as textiles and design as well as that ongoing search for a sustainable product.
There’s the design prize too, and if you look at Alpkit’s new tent range designed by Peter Dollman you can see how this is a valuable part of innov_ex in linking up talent with the people to put it into reality.

I’ll be there, lots of folk will be, and you should be there to. Here’s how.

10 thoughts on “Innovation for Extremes: innov_ex 2011”

  1. I would say save some of the food for me, but as I’m taking the family off for a long over due holiday to my old stamping grounds in the North-East that week I’ll have to pass.

  2. Might be there, be nice to do something different.. Wearing my bangor uni hoodie might be a bit confrontational though ;)

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