innov_ex 2010

I’ll be away for a couple of days, I’m heading down to Lancaster University tomorrow for innov_ex 2010.
I was invited last year and found it a fascinating experience, I learned a lot about what goes on at the roots of the outdoor trade and something of the distance between that, and you and I, the end users.
Change is being attempted, avoided, delayed and hurried, and all the reasons for all the angles are discussed by a diverse and knowledgeable team of speakers.
There’ll be in-house lectures and discussions, video conferencing and the whole day will be streamed live from the link above, so hopefully folk will drop in and arm themselves with a bit of foreknowledge to terrorise both the forums and the shop assistants.
I’m going back this year a little better prepared, I’ll be taking the old Bontempi laptop and I’ll try to blog (ot at least tweet) some of what’s happening. I’m meeting up with some pals who I’ll squeeze for a little more info over lunch if I can, and I’m also very proud to have been asked to be a judge for the innov_ex prize for innovation. I hope I can bring into it the perspective of both an ordinary punter and an engineer rather than just a gear freak.

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