In with the old and on with the new.

Got my copy of Trail in today and I was chuffed to see my wee mate Brian on page 101. The shot goes with my route later on, #12, where I’m on familiar ground around Kintail and Glen Affric taking the long way round to find the Wellington Bomber. The shots were done with my old 5.1mp Nikon, but I think they printed up okay, seeing them again makes me glad, it was one of those perfect trips, sun, snow, inversion, cuppas, banter, a high camp in the finest of hills. Reminders are magic, that’s one of the best things about blogging when your memory is shite like mine and needs prompting.
I like having the routes you know, it’s like the grown-up version of what I write on here, combine the two and it all might actually make sense. Mind you, where’s the fun in that.

Later on the “Next Month” bit announces Scottish mountain marathons and 1-person tents, which made me panic slightly as I’ve only just finished both pieces tonight.
The tent review has some all-new models, the Vaude Power Tokee for one, a US-style hubbed-pole model from Robens and a 2011 update of the Laser Photon, some good stuff for sure. More on that later.
Now for tarps in the Peak District, bloody hell.

I’ll do the Wigwam winners when I get back, and then I’ll be camping up north without agenda and with extreme prejudice.

9 thoughts on “In with the old and on with the new.”

  1. See, new tricks for an old dug, sleeping under a tarp and in England of all places!;)

    I’ll be under a tarp in Ayrshire this weekend, not for the 1st time but the 1st time without being in a hammock. Looking forward to chewin’ on the spiders and wee beasties that want to join me.

    And your we’re right 1st over nighter since my daughter was born, it’s only taken over a year not to feel too guilty about it ;)

  2. Hammock? Haven’t slept in one of those for 30 or more years! I can’t remember the last time I camped near a tree either.
    Aye I do, when I did the West Highland Way a couple of years back on the last night opposite Ardlui.
    Beasties are a worry, two of the tarps have midge nets, three are folded bits of plain fabric…

    I’ll be in the Peak on Friday Matt, I’m excited. Really.

  3. Ach, I’ll be heading up to the Lakes on Friday afternoon, got a weekend inside a substantial stone tarp :))
    Another instance of paths not crossing…. have fun.

  4. Now that’s fancy tarps, midge nets! would like to see them. My tarp is plain fabric with anchor points.

    Luckily Ayrshire in January is not known for its midges just the haggi (is that the plural of haggis?) so I might get a few under the tarp looking for a cuddle. Well it is that time of year. ;)

    Have good trip and I’ll look forward to reading about it and seen the photographs. :)

  5. The variety of the tarps should make the review work better, I was worried about having to fill five pages with five plain tarps!
    I’ll have some of them on the blog later on, so there’ll be more tarp tales to come.

    Watch out for the Haggi, I hear the Ayrshire ones are vicious :o)

  6. I like my tarp from Team IO, but it’s deffo a “summer just incase it actually does rain” shellter for me but then it is a ridiculously small lightweight one. The spinnaker it’s made of is very noisy when the breeze gets up too…way worse than the comp fly!

  7. Test pitched them all today before packing, I can’t believe they’ll so different.
    The regular tarpers are not going to like my review, I’m coming at this all fresh and I’m going to like all the wrong things :o)

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