I’m all upset with it, but still

I was up to my usual antics tonight and took a detour to the Slacks as it’s my least frequented trig pillar in the area. It was dark by this point and the cloud was dropping down so I set off towards the wooded crags and the track down. However Glasgow looked all twinkly from the crags and the clouds looked all fluffy and colourful so I took a wee photie.

Yes, yes, it’s pish quality, but I had to share the psychadelic vista.

2 thoughts on “I’m all upset with it, but still”

  1. Nice photo…yes,very trippy looking…hurts my eyes after staring at it for a while.Silhouettes of trees always make for a good subject,got quite a few in my own photo library.
    Anyways,yesterday was a good day,took a lovely early morning walk up into the beacons for a quick assault on fan brycheiniog.With the ground(usually boggy)solidly frozen underfoot,no rain and a fairly cloudless summit all went well.I even managed to knock almost an hour off my usual time for this route.I put this down solely(no pun intended!)to the merrell thermos,my first real outing in them and they worked perfectly…no more heavy boots for me,oh no!
    Another motivation for the quick time may have been the desire to get home in time for the six nations rugby match against england.To see wales put one over on the old enemy at twickenham for the first time in 20 years was pure joy.
    Oh yeah,there is at last a smattering of the white stuff on some of the higher brecon beacons at last!

  2. Good lad, I’m glad the boots worked out. Even better that you got some frozen ground, it’s all back to bog here.
    I’m hoping there’s still some wintery stuff left after the thaw we’ve had in the last 24 hours, we’re heading north if the weather looks good later this week.

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