I’m a heating engineer, get me out of here.

23 thoughts on “I’m a heating engineer, get me out of here.”

  1. The howff itself was great, it was whale-shaped crag and I was sleeping in the mouth if you know what I mean. So I felt pretty safe.
    The original target was a cave created by fallen boulders which seemed to be still moving when I got there :o)

    I shall explain the tears and snotters later!

  2. Well, I guess there’s a ‘Mountain Genius’ bit to write on how to dig yourself out of a caved-in cave as well then.

    Or people like me’ll come along in a couple of thousand years and find a skelly and a purple Ti mug. We’d then reconstruct an entire society based on the worship of the purple Ti.

  3. I based my safety in there on what the rock sounded like when I chapped it with my knuckles.
    I then lay there wondering I’f I’d loosened the rock by chapping it with my knuckles.

    Worship the purple Ti mug. Yes, this I like.

    You know, the purple anodising is wearing very well. Worth £9.99 for sure.

  4. I can see the publication report now Kate – PTC* would be the leader of the (light weight) tribe as he was buried high up with the Ti ‘beaker’ etc etc.

    Hey, may be we don’t do too badly in our reconstructions after all ;-)

  5. “…this is the skeleton of an adult male, probably early forties. You can see the damage that’s been done just here, life at the time was rough, that’s wear and tear from eating doughnuts and sitting on chairs…”

  6. Now that would make a good reconstruction drawing – the tribal leader relaxing on his throne with doughnuts and purple mug in hand. Quite probably more intersting than the report on a coaxial field system I am currently editing…

  7. You could always add: “and across the coaxial field system the two warring factions met, swinging bloody broadswords across the crops which were flourishing/struggling (you will know) in this interesting style of crop managment…”

  8. The Ti Beaker people were clearly technologically advanced (how else would they have been able to produce a Purple Ti Mug?) Thus I suspect the broadsword-swinging was purely ceremonial. Almost certainly a fertility rite.

  9. Well, at least that’ll give us the photo of the scantily clad bloke you need to post for gender equality issues!
    Out you go… ;-)

  10. You’ll no believe this – just back from the LAMM and from the event centre at the head of Loch Fyne, they bussed us round to Inveruglas car park – the start line was at the foot of the hydro road, and first couple of check points took us up and over Ben Vorlich. Probably passed yards from your howff. Familiar ground for me which was interesting. If I was you I’d be kicking myself for passing up the chance to do a LAMM where for once local knowledge might come in to play! Brilliant event as usual but the legs are shot this evening.

  11. Ach, dammit, just up the road? I could have have come home for my dinner!
    That must have been fun, enjoy getting your feet up now.

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