I’ll be back after these important messages, no flipping

It’s amazing what you can miss if you’re not taking the time to look. And, if you’re not taking the time to look, then why is that?

That’s been asked and answered over here.

3 thoughts on “I’ll be back after these important messages, no flipping”

  1. As Ferris said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.”

    Wise words.

    Back to work today after a week of downtime. The weather forecast is, of course, looking glorious.

    And ’twas ever thus.

  2. You’ve reminded me I really have to dig out my slides again – they’re all getting dusty in the attic, and a lot of them are from a slower time, where walks would take an age and I’d keep stopping to take pictures of tiny things. After that, the film would be popped in the post and you’d get it back a week later. I remember one day spending ages taking pictures of icicles off grass above Dovestone Reservoir, and the results were pretty good….
    ….but before we fall into a red mist of youth (again), I have spent some quality time recently just taking photos of patterns in the sand between Broad Haven and Little Haven beaches. I also liked taking lots of close ups of barnacle encrusted rocks along some other Pembrokeshire coastline. All of this recent stuff – with a digital camera – was quickly onto the Mac and is now used as wallpaper on my work laptop and home Mac, and I love it.
    Yes, taking time to look is good. A point well made, with a suitable picture…. but hang on, is this a point raised by the man who *rushed* the WHW?!

  3. It is indeed, you’ll never tie me down to a coherent editorioal policy I tell you!

    Odd as it may seem though, I feel like I can rememeber every footstep of the WHW. I can sit and visualise it, the miles of track, the wildly swinging pendulum of emotions.
    It just as well, cos I took hardly any photies on the WHW.

    But it occured me last night as me and Joycee were sitting watching the sun set from a hilltop (where I snapped the wee flower), that of late I’ve been concentrating on how the soles of shoe “A” are gripping on terrain “B” without looking about me.
    It’s nice to get a wee nudge back now and again.

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