Icebug Speed Bugrip quick look

Another item being trialed for the first time in a wet Scottish winter are these Icebug Speeds. I’ve only worn these outside a couple of times so far and they are the strangest things. They’re a nice lightweight, well fitting waterproof boot on the outside, but flip them over and they’re a 1950s hobnail boot. Well, not quite. But walking on tarmac you do sound like the entire Wermacht marching west…

The studs are on flexible mounts so they don’t get torn off and the whole sole grips like duct tape to cheap laminate flooring.



They fit the Kahtoola crampons well, they have a stiff-ish toe box, a nice flex to the sole and they’re looking like a good winter boot.

The sole though, you can’t wear it anywhere but outdoors. It scrapes everything, concrete, tarmac, it tears wood and carpet.

More news soon (ish) when they’ve been on proper mountains.

11 thoughts on “Icebug Speed Bugrip quick look”

  1. PTC, I need to start thinking about a boot for winter which over here is only a month or two round the corner! It’s going to be wet, cold, icy and probably snowing too. I’m all for using lightweight trail runners for as much as possible and for as long as possible but do you think i’d be better off with a pair of these ‘ere Icebug Speeds or maybe one of their lower ankled stable mates?

  2. It is an option, but only for off road. The Speed are still light (and revamped for this winter), but when I walked for miles along the road back to the motor after I did the South Glen Shiel Ridge I totally tore the arse out of the soles.
    All the “performance” Icebugs have a soft compound sole, but in the hills they’re brilliant.

    AS well as anything what’re the prices like over there? Is there a factory shop near enough for a daytrip?

  3. I don’t even want to think about the price of buying them over here! The best bet for me will be to get my bro in England to order them for me. I’ll be home to see friends and family at Christmas. I know they sell Icebugs in Norway but I’m having trouble finding them over here on the west coast. The weather is warmer (ha!) and wetter than the rest of Norway but it’ll be all white and frosty everywhere up in the fjells! I should be ok only using them for off road, we usually drive to the trailhead and then change into our hiking shoes. I think I’ll give ’em a go.

  4. Good lad.
    They’re sized for a thick sock, except maybe the GG-Fly’s, so watch the sizing if you’re in between UK sizes because they do come up “generous”.

  5. ptc* – do you have any contacts/ideas as to where I can get a pair of these bad boys in the UK? I can’t even find the Icebug website anymore! No luck in the local shops in Bergen. Also, you mention sizing, if I wear a 10.5 Roclite in summer (snug fit with a Ventum Light Hiker) would you go for a 10 or 11? I usually prefer thicker wool socks in winter.

  6. The only UK stockist is/was fastandlight. He’s got some left, but sizes? Dunno.
    The sizing is a difficult one, the volume is high and suits a thick sock, but the length and width aren’t overly much bigger than any other shoe the same size.
    So, you might get awy with a 10 or 11. Sorry!

    I’ll dig them out of my winter box and do a comparison to some Inov8s later…

  7. Holdfast, try ebay (worldwide search) there’s a few sellers in Germany flogging icebug footwear – e.g.

    Now those aren’t your size, but if they’re what your after, you can always ask the seller if they’ve got them in your size – postage doesn’t look prohibitive either – best of luck

  8. Cheers ptc*. Have e-mailed Craig on the off chance he’s got some. The 11’s might be a better choice. I can always whack a 3 or 6mm inov8 insole in them to tune the fit.

  9. Well spotted Das. They’ve got a few models on ebay.

    Good luck holdfast, I hope you like them if you get the after all my bumming them up!

  10. re: the icebug website –

    They must have changed the homepage slightly, so if you were accessing via a bookmark, it’s probably out of date – the google link for the homepage doesn’t work, but if you just type in the address, you still get there:

    or for the UK translation:

    Do you know if you google “icebug speed” the first entry in the list is this very blog entry – cool or what?

  11. Cheers Das and ptc*. Fingers crossed I’ll sort a pair soon. They look EXACTLY what I’m after and if they don’t perform as stated ptc* then I reckon the studded sole will grip just as well to arse as it does to ice!

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