IceBug Navigators review

I’ve done plenty miles in these now, trekking, running and scrambling. I used them on Beinn Narnain on Friday night and that finally decided where I was with them.

Although they have a good steady heel, nice forefoot flex and suppleness enough to allow your foot to respond to the terrain, they’re a robust shoe and have plenty protection for your foot. The breathable and easy-draining mesh has plenty of help from plastic overlays which form a secure cradle over your foot and also there’s toe and heel protection in lovely silver. The sole has an open aggresive sole pattern in a soft compound rubber for grip, and it has that in spades. After you find out where the grip breaks, which is only on very steep dirt, you get a confidence in them which you have to have when trail running. You can’t fly downhill thinking “Will it stick?” with every footfall. Grip is good on rock, but will wear the sole fast if you on it all the time. Mixed terrain is where they excell.

I’ve had no rub points or issues with them, but they are a large volume shoe. I can get the thicker merino Sealskinz sock , plus a liner in them nae bother. For use with a light sock I have to put volume reducers in them, but It works fine.

For me they’re a good mixed trekking/ running shoe. The high volume means in winter I’ll like them better as I can wear a thicker sock or Sealskinz with them and the Bugweb will come into it’s own then as well. There’s no heel lift or pressure under the lace knot which are the two things that I’m always looking for in a trail shoe. There’s a couple of wee things, the soft midsole is exposed and could take a beating, and there’s a potential wear point on the upper where the toe flexes. I’ve not had any issues as yet, but I’ll update if I do.

Their features and application are all good. Grip is outstanding, and they’re more robust than most trail shoes. If they fit you, they’re a winner.

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  1. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

  2. Icebug won the Scandinavian Outdoor Group Innovation Award for the Bugweb compatible shoes at Fiedrichshafen last week. Not seen it in the flesh yet but the new race shoe is apparently pretty special – will let you know as soon as I have a sample.

  3. Magic.

    I’m looking forward to getting the bugweb on some frozen stuff later in the year.
    I’ve had on the trail a bit and it’s not at all fragile, so I’ve got high hopes.

  4. Hi PTC,
    wondering what your ongoing impressions are of these. I’m looking for something grippy for the LAMM this year as I hope to give it a go. I run in neutral shoes & like a bit of cushioning so I’m wondering how these compare to some of the classics in the fell shoe arena?


  5. Hi John, the biggest issue is the large volume. I have to wear thick socks or volume adjusters and that probably takes away some of the subtlety of the design. There’s plenty of cushioning in there, I’d say they were good for a longer race, two day/expedition compared to a much thinner one day race shoe where you’ can let your feet take a beating for the sake of speed.
    For the LAMM I’d say yes, but they’re definitely not the lightest. In performance and weight terms I’d say they line up with LaSportiva Crosslites and Montrail Highlanders, ie a bit beefy.
    They grip like a bastard though. Great open terrain/ trackless hillside shoe.

    But try them on if you can or make sure there’s a no quibble return with the internet stickist of your choice.

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