Icebreaker Beast Review

I picked this bright pair for test at a trade do last year and since then the Icebreaker Beast range has disappeared. The boxers have an identical equivalent in the Anatomica Boxers, but you can take your pick of equivalent t-shirts, just look for the Bodyfit tag with 150 weight fabric.

The Beast range was more fancy underwear than baselayer, but that was maybe as much down to the packaging than any design elements. Basically, we’ve just got a t-shirt and boxers made from a very light 150gsm merino fabric.
The fabric is very nice to wear, soft and very stretchy indeed, these sample large’s could have done with being a medium. The lightness means less insulation and quicker drying which is great for warmer weather, but less merino superpowers when it comes to long-term stink destruction.
The fit of the t-shirt is square, casual style as fits its job description, which is probably right as I’ve torn the fabric a couple of times when it’s caught on a buckle or trouser popper when I’ve been stretching. It is a little fragile for regular outdoor use.
The styling is nice, I like the contrast stitching on the flatlock seams, some seams are regular-style, but they’re all equally soft and there’s no rub points that I’ve found. The boxers have some nice touches, the elastic waistband is wide and comfortable and the front has a little pouch for your kit to fit into, and it’s also biased to the left which may or may not suit you.
The legs are a little short for me for outdoor use, but have been great under jeans and the like.

The Beasts are comfortable to wear and nicely put together, the fabric is lovely against the skin and performs well, but the fragility of it and the styling do make these a better choice for casual and travel use.

4 thoughts on “Icebreaker Beast Review”

  1. No fly on those boxers, if I recall. Which is awkward…

    Like the new blog theme by the way. Reminds me I must do something about mine. Any chance of a spot in your disturbingly long blogroll?

  2. Aye, pulling the waistband down on a cold day on the hill…

    I changed the look as te old theme doesn’t work on my phone, it’s all overlapping and a mess. It’s a real wrench though, I liked the old look, I’d had it for 5 years.

    I shall add you imminently.

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