I was harbouring an epilogue all along

It’s not all wacky night time nonsense of course. The wildlife has taken a wee grip over recent these post industrial years, even more so during lockdown and the joy of watching occasional seals in the harbour doesn’t diminish the daily bird displays.

I don’t know what the hell the cormorants are doing when they do this wavy wing thing, but I could watch all day when they do it in pairs, it’s like frantic flamenco.

The man made is no intrusion, the shipping is frequent and varied, although I hope this monster goes into quarantine at the docks with that runny nose.

2 thoughts on “I was harbouring an epilogue all along”

  1. Hi ptc*
    Long time… been reading, just not commenting
    The cormorants are drying their wings. They aren’t waterproof which means they don’t trap air bubbles as they dive, enabling them to go deeper to catch fish. But it also means they have to air-dry them in the breeze to avoid them becoming waterlogged. We love watching them too (haven’t been on a walk without binoculars for over 10 years now – “lightweight” isn’t everything! ;o)

    1. Aye that makes sense Matt and they seem to swivel around while they do it, catching the best breeze or the sun maybe.
      Binoculars are brilliant, I take them too. I can just sit and take it all in for hours.

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