I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don’t feel so bad.

Remember to pack them I mean, not daydream about them. Daydreaming about a mug would just be strange, most likely with a disturbing interpretation from dreamologists. Yes, I’m sure there’s a latin and/or fancy word for that and I don’t care.  Oh, maybe it’s just a psychologist who does that stuff. Psychiatrist? Podiatrist?
However, put that same (or mayhap any other) mug at 3126ft on a frozen trig point at lunchtime today with a limited edition Banoffee Hot Chocolate drink in it, and no, I don’t feel so bad.

8 thoughts on “I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don’t feel so bad.”

  1. Aye, you lucky b@%$^*d ;-)
    I can only dream about being closer than a 2 hour drive from something this lofty.

    Mind you, my nearest trig is only 2 miles off the doorstep, within the Peak Park and a respectable 1440ft. If I can drag my lardy arse out of bed in a morning when I’m at home, I can trot up there and still be back at my desk for work.

  2. Two hours from Edale, just over three to North Wales. The lakes is five hours and the trip to the Cairngorms in 9 days time will take 12 hours.

    To top it all… my titanium mug isn’t coloured! Life’s hard.

  3. Yes, all is now well, no dream just a local bimble.

    The mug was the single skinned one, but I didn’t burn my lip as it was so cold, the contents chilled mighty quick!

    I got the height wrong, I was winging it, should have been 3199ft, and I’ve added on 3ft for the trig point…

    More on this later tonight probably.

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