I now have an app for that

It’s been long overdue. Not because I wanted to, but because my old phone was dead. I know I joke about it, but it really was superglued together. Repeatedly. Now the screen was going, it was variously showing a negative version of the page, straight lines or a rather nice aztec style pattern.
Phone shops are depressing though, I have zero interest in any of it, a phone’s a tool and all they have now are robot devices with rubbish batteries packed full of frivolous shite. So I bought one. No, I didn’t buy one, they just gave me one for carrying on with the same money I’m paying now. How does that work?

I’ve been working with it for a week now and I think I’m getting on top of it. My initial hope was that my comms will improve, twitter and facebook will be replied to, my googlemail would come in from the cold, but what’s actually happened is that I’m addicted to scrabble with friends and that guess the logo game. I want my old life back, is there an app for that?

But in many ways its been good to catch up with so many niggles the past couple of week. The phone was important, the new set of wheels seem reliable and I’ve got some work in to see me into the new year. In the current climate I can’t ask for more. In saying that, I’ve now got a burst of blue sky and sun over the hills through the living room windae. There’s more after all.
It’s been quiet on here, but that’s always a good sign. More soon.

What phone? The Sony 007 as seen below.

4 thoughts on “I now have an app for that”

  1. I keep saying my next phone will be idiot simple with big buttons, makes calls and sends texts. People are too wrapped up in the things now. Anyway some nice snow oot there :-)

  2. I couldn’t find one of those.

    I must admit, it’s already been properly useful more than once. A customer asked me a question and I had the info for us to look at in 30 seconds in HD colour.
    Saved me a phone call or a drive.

    Bored of the logo game now. Need more stuff…

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