I Hear Voices

It was Chewy’s fault, I was looking for a CD after listening to some sound samples on iTunes. Holly had Disnae on the telly, Joycee was faffing around, but dammit there was something else going on.
I’m going “Can you hear that?” and getting very limited response. So I shushed everyone, paused the DVD (not popular) and commanded the troops to listen. They could here nothing.
There was voices, American voices, coming from the laptop. I peered into the webcam, no one there, I put my ear to the keyboard and it spoke. “Listen! There’s somebody there!
Joycee wandered off, but Holly was now interested and came over to see. She listened and looked at me like I was daft. “Wait… Listen again…” I got the wide eyes and open mouth –  “There’s somone in the computer!”
Thank you.

Joycee wandered in with earphones “Here, you can keep the voices in your head to yourself now”. Sympathy as you slip into madness is a beautiful thing.
I plugged in and listened with the volume right up. Voices, music, all old, like a I was scanning through a radio from the past catching moments of this station and that. Some chunks were longer and soon I began to recognise some of it. Is this the DVD commentary from Dirty Dancing? I checked my disc tray – empty. A disc that’s never been in this laptop to my knowledge anyway.
I had a lot of windows open, I checked them all. iTunes had Coheed and Cambria on screen, nothing playing, I closed it. Easy listening jazz poured lazily into my earphones.
I closed my photies folders, my documents and was left with two internet tabs. One was here, have I been hacked again? I closed it, an Amercian actress continued to describe a director I’d never heard of and can’t remember now.
Only Amazon was left with The Hidden Hand’s CD’s listed on screen. I shut the tab. Silence. The voices had left me.

It was Amazon! It was Amazon!  The girls vaguely acknowledged me and went about their business. I was slipping into madness and apparently the bigger danger was Belle not wanting to dine with The Beast.

I drank half my cuppa and opened Amazon again with one eye closed and my face away from the screen. Nothing. I relaxed, but I did get to wondering. Was it an odd glitch? Did I accidentally tune into the sample library or is it something more sinister? Are amazon trying to subliminally advertise or programme to you to purchase more stuff? I could believe that.
The bastards didn’t catch me though, I added some stuff to my watch list and shut the shop again. HMV store prices are matching Amazon these days, I’ll nip in during the week, Amazon can host my wants list at their expense all the want for trying to brainwash me.

Or is that what they want me to think?

Over to you Cyco Mico…
I hear voices when I’m all alone, Hearing voices but there’s nobody home, Hear the voices could it be they’re calling out to me? Hearing voices I look, why can’t I see? I hear voices, can’t stop those voices…

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