I Can See You

We recorded this months ago, I’m bored out of my tits remixing it and I’m calling time: this as much work as it’s getting. I hope some of the subtle bits, aye subtle bits, really, are still visible to the ear.
It’s called I Can See You, it’s Craig on the drums and me on everything else. The bit in the middle should raise a smile for anyone who gets that far and my screaming on the last chorus nearly made me pass out on take 2. That’s rock n roll.

Should have put a tambourine on the outro dammit.

2 thoughts on “I Can See You”

  1. Pretty good, the voice sounded well and suited the song. Particularly like the middle 8. My taste goes from Pink Floyd to Metallica to Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Hendirx, blues etc etc and I liked the song.

  2. Bless you sir.

    I like a whole bunch of stuff as well, I think it’s the only thing that stops my songs sounding exactly like Black Sabbath.
    Working on new stuff again as well, going back to the old recording studio though, better sound and there’ll be much less remixing.

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