I bet they call it plaid

Disnae are never slow to pass a marketing opportunity and while looking for tartan stuff for Holly, who is still local culture crazy I’m happy to record, I discovered that there’s an official Disnae Pixar Brave Tartan registerd at the proper place.
It’s quite a nice tartan, modern looking but with a nicely understated natural colour choice. Of course, any attempt to use it without written persmission from Walt’s frozed head will be met with excessive force by the local authorities and subsequent extradition to the USA for a lengthy and dramatic court case after which you will be placed on Disnae Death Row. Here the guards are dopey vultures with steel helmets on and you share a medieval-style cell with a big sad dog who has a story which will give you hope and a somewhat coincidental and comedic way out of your predicament…
Stealing images of the tartan from Google is a simple lethal injection though.

6 thoughts on “I bet they call it plaid”

  1. “Dad can I get them?” Is what I just got when I clicked that link.
    She wants the giant Elinor bear with the crown as well.

    And the special edition BluRay.

    Santa’s choices are easy this year!

    It’s birthday time in a couple of weeks and in the post right now is a Brave cinema banner. It’s huge, I think it’ll have to go on her ceiling!

  2. Am I allowed to say that I actually quite like it? I can only suppose that the over-exposure of a week at Disneyland Paris this summer has left its mark…
    It’s actually not that far from my Mum’s clan’s hunting tartan (and that is my only defence).

  3. It’s a nice tartan, it’s got something in common with the modern non-clan tartans you see, Spirit of Scotland and the like.
    It means you can wear tartan that’s not your own and not of a rival clan either, that stuff is very important you know.
    What’s mum’s roots? My hunting tartan is my regular one in green. Macfarlane Camo apparently.

  4. Part of the Kerr clan – so a horsethief from the Borders! Her family did end up in Glasgow in the later 19th century though, albeit in the Gorbals…
    …I’m amused to find they, as reivers, didn’t wear tartan until the Victorian period, so your second point really strikes home.
    Anyway, glad the little one is keen to know her roots. Like you say, this stuff is very important.

  5. The tartan stuff is often blamed on Sir Walter Scott effect and decried as a work of fiction, but the thread of trurh remians within it and however recent some of it may be it’s an anchor for a very real history so I’m happy to embrace it.
    It’s nice to have a thread to trace back as well, even if your blood line gets lost, the name goes back by itself, it’s still family.
    I wonder if that’s an odd concept looking in at it?

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