I am Iron Man

The Avengers movie has had a very nice side effect and that’s been a whole bunch of Black Sabbath t-shirts have hit the shops. I say shops, I mean internet. All officially licensed on nice thin old-school fabric and bringing me much joy on a daily basis.
The reason for this is that in the movie Tony Stark wears a version of the classic ’78 Never Say Die tour shirt, which I’ve always loved, it’s a great image from an underrated album, so much jazz in there.
Anyway, in awesome geek style, someone in the far east has made a scale version for the 12″ Iron Man action figure from Hot Toys (as shady a name as I’ve ever heard for a company), and as you can see it looks spot-on. Although that figure looks F/A like Robert Downey Jr.
12″ is that not the same as an Action Man? Is it time for Mr Man to take off that orange mountaineering smock…


7 thoughts on “I am Iron Man”

  1. Some of those are really good, the faces are spot on, and the other detailing is frightening.

    I can’t let the wee daleks on my table see them, they’ll feel all inadequate.

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