Ah, it’s bloody miserable. I had a plan for the day and there was no way I was putting in the miles with my hood up all day staring at my feet. Mind you, it cleared a bit at sunset with some dramatic colouring and wacky rippling clouds. Would it have been worth it? Hmm, dunno. I feel pain at every sunset I miss. It must be a caveman thing, worship the sun as it leaves and maybe it’ll come back the next day.
I wonder if they got fed up with that and on occasion just thought, “Screw it, I’m sitting by the fire tonight, the sun can come back or not, it’s not the boss of me… Anyway, it’ll give me more time to invent cutlery, I’m fed up pulling strips of meat off of the roast on the fire with my hands, I keep having to wipe the grease off my fingers and we’re going through a fortune in serviettes”. Simpler times indeed.

It’s too dark to do any new gear photies which is a shame too as I’ve just picked up a lightweight pack from Trakke to test, which is a nice size for winter days and is made from Ventile. Nice.
There’s more to come too, kit in from MSR, PHD, Berghaus, Haglöfs, Thermarest, Fjällräven, Primus, TNF, Vango, Force10 and more to talk about. Just need the rain to stop and get the Sabbath gig out of the way so I can concentrate.


2 thoughts on “Hydrophobic”

  1. ” I feel pain at every sunset I miss. It must be a caveman thing”

    Love that! Had a fantastic sunset over Mont Blanc and her sisters as I flew into Geneva last week. The full inversion covering the valley floor and the lake made it perfect!

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