How could they cut the power man? They’re animals!

A handful of years ago I’d have said “Aye, I’ll fit it in”. That very attitude had me working 18 hour days for six months, eventually leading to hospital and the near assassination of a particularly whiny customer on Christmas Eve.
Times are hard, work is good when it comes my way, but as much as I like this new customer and would enjoy doing the job I just can’t do it until I’m clear of everything else.
It’s such a bastard though, as perverse as it seems I kinda liked being up against it, under pressure, having to think fast to get the result at 11:59. But with Holly here and me now past 40, it’s really not a good idea.
Mind you, I’m fitting in two trips to the Lakes and one to Glen Affric around real work over the next two weeks, so maybe my commitment pendulum has swung off into some consequence-free alternative reality where time has no meaning and all the bills have their decimal points shifted one place to the left.

Ah what the hell, in the words of Spider from Bad News (currently high in my consciousness, having bought The Comic Strip Presents: The Bad News Tour on iTunes), Never mind Den, it’s all anarchy innit?

1983, it was a good year…

7 thoughts on “How could they cut the power man? They’re animals!”

  1. I see Ridley Scott’s been signed up for an Alien prequel. I think it’ll be good. One of my favourite movie franchises that is.

    Anyway, all that high-pressure work is great when you’re young and carefree but when, as in my case, you only see your kids when they’re sleeping, it’s time for a re-think.

    Ferris got it spot on.

  2. The Alien prequel will either be the best or worst thing ever. Do we want to know how the eggs got on crashed ship? Yes, but only is Ridley Scott shows us (and is on good form).
    The alternative cut of Alien3 was interesting, they should have let Fincher finish it the way he wanted to, maybe it would be more fondly remembered.

    Aye Kev, Ferris got it right indeed.

  3. The 80’s aye, great films, Black Sabbath having a different singer every week, stretch denim (first time around), high school, girls… being young!

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