Horatio McCulloch Mondeo

I’ve had Horatio McCulloch and his wonderful works on here before, but I just came across this page on the BBC site which has a bunch of his paintings, all familiar Highland stuff or scenes local to me like the view below which is also in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum (I can see my living room window just at the turn of the river). The genius thing is that it has links to a print ordering page which I didn’t know about as I’d bought this ages ago. Go on, you know you want one.

It’s not all good news. The (mostly) silver Ford estate which has carried me to work and mountains without fault or complaint for the past three years is dead. They ran out of room listing all the faults on the MOT fail sheet and had to continue the list on the tissue I was sobbing into.
So, new wheels please.

4 thoughts on “Horatio McCulloch Mondeo”

  1. If you’re looking for a relatively cheap and reliable car with plenty of choice it would be a Focus estate or another Mondeo. And I would avoid overpriced and unreliable volkswagens.

    If you want very good reliability at a bit higher price than the Fords then it would be Mazda 6, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Avensis etc.

  2. A mate of mines a used car dealer and over the last 3 months its been the quietest ever. Some really good deals to be had at the moment if your after some new wheels.

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