Honey Stinger Waffles

Lance Armstrong and nutrition. Right, that’s the stuff that other folk might be interested in out of the way, what we’ve got here is a new addition to the Honey Stinger portfoli0 of handily sized, conveniently packaged and tasty fuel: Stinger Waffles.
I’ll cut to the chase, these are brilliant. I’ve got witnesses too, a clutch of these saved the day at a frozen Stanage last week and the one in the photie below was only supposed to have one bite mark in it.
They do taste like waffles, and like honey, and happiness, they’ve got a good texture too, keeping in with the recent trend for trail/race food that actually resembles food. I keep meaning to pop one in the toaster to see what that’s like, I think a heated one would be great as a breakfast thing at camp too.
This box won’t last long, if you want one catch me on the next few trips. Should be in the shops here shortly, or direct from the Stinger UK online store.

14 thoughts on “Honey Stinger Waffles”

  1. Hmm now they look like a definite inclusion alongside the biltong, oatcakes and primula, that tend to equal ‘lunch’ when oot an aboot

  2. they look much like the syrup waffles i get people to bring me back from holldand, sit them across the top of your cuppa and let them soften mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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