Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews

I’ve been using all these energy foods and drinks for years. High5, SIS, Clif Bars, Nuun and more. Not because I’m an athlete, as if, but because they do work, mostly taste nice, survive better in your rucksack than a Mars Bar and don’t take up much space.

One day I’ll need to get into trail nutrition properly on here, it’s something that folk don’t really think about seriously. SuperNoodles and Jelly Babies and the like. Ach.

Anyway, we got a hold of Honey Stinger when it first appeared over here and we were converted right away. Their bars are based on honey with added bits and pieces (none of it plastic fatty horror) and for me they do edge out my previous favourite High5 for taste. My favourites being the Rocket Chocolate energy bars and the Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond protein bar.

The do gels and the like which I use for running and biking, but just arrived are these Organic Energy Chews. Oh my god, they’re like a packet of 1970’s sweeties. I’m sure they work very well, but having just eaten a packet sitting in front of the computer trying to remember which 1970’s sweetie they taste like, it’s hard to tell. Proper test results later.

4 thoughts on “Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews”

  1. The honey stinger bars are very nice indeed…them sweeties look mighty tempting too.My current fave is the ‘nature valley’ honey granola bars.I also make my own honey/banana/oats bars,kinda like a flapjack which are a joy to behold.Tend to use a different variety of foods on the hill…at the moment I’m working my way through some army ration packs,my mate gets them for me from his son who is currently serving.Varying qualities of foods though,but then they are free!

  2. Biscuits brown!
    Some of the rat-pack stuf is good though, the drinks sachets is dead handy.
    I like the “orange flavoured drink” and the wee packet of matches as well.

    Honey is a wonder ingredient. I used to carry honey /butter/ brown bread pieces (translation-sanwiches :o)). Buying the bars is just making me lazy.

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