Home so soon?

Triptykon were on early, so early I heard the wail of detuned guitar start as I was climbing the stairs from the front door of the ABC. I missed nothing though, met my chinas at the bar and enjoyed 40 minutes of supreme heaviness played with style and conviction. 40 minutes from the special guests? Aye, pish. Mind you the first band on went on at 1800, just as the doors opened and apparently were playing to an empty hall until the first folk made their way up. All the way from the USA to play like that? I’d be pissed off too.
The headliners were Cannibal Corpse and to cut the the chase they were bloody awful. A powerless and mindless barrage of furious riffing and drum pounding with a head spinning numpty growling over it. They stood totally still during every song, fannyed around between the songs and looked as shoddy as they sounded. The little bits where they ripped off Slayer kept catching my ear, but after half an hour we’d all had enough and the three of us headed for the doors without looking back.
They’re probably still playing while I’m sitting at home with a cuppa. That’s not getting old, it’s knowing that Venom did it first and better.

8 thoughts on “Home so soon?”

  1. I’ll be annoyed if Cannibal Corpse have a shoddy set tomorrow, last time I saw them (BOA 2010) they were amazing. One of the (very suprising, I must admit) highlights of the festival.

    As for the others, Job for a Cowboy will be good, I hope. I’m intrigued about Enslaved and couldn’t care less for Triptykon.

  2. Steady on, Venom were er, innovators. Actually some of the tunes were really good, but damn there was a lot of dross buried in a mire of bad production.
    One of their more tuneful and restrained moments below…

    I’d liked to have seen Enslaved, they’ve evolved over the years so their set would have been an interesting mix of styles. Triptykon was reliving my youth, first saw Celtic Frost back in ’87 and it’s pretty much just the same thing, but they don’t fit on the bill at all.
    If Cannibal Corpse have a better sound, it really was flat and powerless, and don’t piss about between songs adjusting their trousers and amps for ten minutes it’ll be a good show. I think they need Chris Barnes back to give the lineup a bit of personality though.

    Now, do I go and see Killing Joke on Monday or write some gear reviews… :o)

  3. I have to admit that was far better than the gig I remember in Brum in 1985!
    Oh now Celtic Frost – oversize drumsticks if I recall…

  4. Aye, Reed St Mark, and there was a bass solo in the set too as the guitar rig went down on every date of the tour apparently.
    That was in Newcastle City Hall I saw Frost the first time now I think about. Kreator and Virus in support. Ah the 80s.

  5. I saw Reed St Mark with Mindfunk at the Riverside in Newcastle in the early 90’s, a great gig as I remember.

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