Holly versus the Zombies

It all started back on Monday on that camp, I had my cuppa and my tooth went mental, a tooth with a history too. On Tuesday I kept on having to adopt a foetal position to stop passing out/crying, and this was at meetings with clients, a cuppa with Bobinson and in the studio, but 8 ibuprofen and 8 paracetomol a day kept me upright until my appopintment first thing on Friday. Tooth’s gubbed, patched up with a mix of antibiotics, domestos and steroids until the infection is vanquished enough for me to get a root treatment next week. So, this weekends trip was cancelled without a second thought.
It’s always dental work with me, bloody useless teeth. Still, alternative fun was found.

They’re shooting World War Z, a zombie movie with Brad Pitt, in Glasgow just now. The city centre is done up to look like Philadelphia, signs, vehicles, street furniture, lots of subtle stuff as well as the obvioius things and it looks great. We had a film crew use our old workshops for a historical drama and it’s amazing what these folks can do to make the unlikely look convincing.
Holly and I were having a little spin around the shops while Joycee was at her pals and we had a look around the sets where all the vehicles had been left in place after shooting had finished. Holly immediately got into the zone, the zombies were coming and we had to escape. I have no idea what she thinks a zombie is, but she’s taking it seriously and the expressions say it all.

They’ve crashed a refuse truck (they’ll say that anyway, I’d say bin lorry) through a bus. tearing the road up while they were at it, no doubt due to zombies chewing on the driver. There are smashed American cars all up and down the streets and it looks so strange, I’m usually looking for a parking space here and now there’s US firetrucks, paramedics and army Humvees in the way.

No doubt some folk are too cool to enjoy this stuff, screw those guys, it’s a lot of fun and it’s great to see the city being the centre of something exciting and positive, hell something with zombies, that’s got to be an instant Win.

We got home and got settled, via the chippy and Granny’s, and Holly exclaimed “Dad, oh my goodness, look at the beautiful sky!” She wasn’t wrong either, it would have looked stunning from the porch of the tent, today it looked better from where I was sitting.

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  1. The sunset was pretty stunning here in Hamilton too mate, although mine was viewed through a starkly contrasting frame comprised of an oil sump and a front axle. Pity I never got the camera out, that’s a stunning photie above.

    I hope that tooth gets sorted quick.

  2. First of all Zombies rock. Don’t get me started – so many films, so many good times. Closest I got to Hollywood was Tom Hanks filming The DaVinci Code, so you win hands down.

    I sympathise with the nashers fully. I’ve a history. They’ve ruined too many trips to remember. The last one had me in Glen Nevis. Four buses and a hike through the gorge saw me putting up the tent in impossible and unforecast conditions of wet, wet rain, gales and against the odds, the worst midges I’ve encountered outside of Affric. I Crawled in soaked and then it began. The pain of my dying molar wrapped itself around my brain to a point where I thought I might actually call the MRT! After zero sleep it was worse in the morning, so I simply had to pack up and limp home.

    I wish I were a zombie. Nothing but nice, soft brains to eat.

  3. Our office is the old PO with the fancy glass roof on the square, so I’ve been getting some good views of the filming. It was fun when they crashed the truck. Helicopters are coming this week apparently. I imagine it’ll be completely unrecognisable come the final print but it’s nice to see Glasgow getting some positive attention.

  4. BBF, tooth is currenty quiet, I’m not talking about it in case it hears.

    sbrt, indeed, most of them were driving cars today.

    gypsymac, I have a soft spot for zombies, that came out wrong I think? So, it’ll be fun to see what this all urns out like. The soundtrack to Dawn of the Dead was in the back of my mind as we wandered around the town.
    I feel that tooth pain, I really do.

    Michael, that’s a cracking view you’ve got right enough. My dad has reminded me that George Square had something similar before when tanks and troops rolled in as Clydeside edged nearer revolt.
    We’ll spot the City Chamers no problem however they edit it :o)

  5. Teeth problems. The perils of too much Irn Bru ??

    I got my tooth problem fixed at the dental hospital last week. It involved cutting open the gum, drilling out the bone, sucking out any soft tissue with a mini vacuum and stitching up again. All done with a local anaesthetic.
    Very efficient though, no real pain afterwards and minimal bleeding. God bless modern medicine.

    I waited until after my trip to the far North West. Foinaven, Arkle, Glas Bheinn, Ben Stack and Ben Hee made for a very satisfying break. Weather was okay and wore shorts on a couple of days. Now I’m looking forward to the Autumn…

  6. Now that’s a nice wee trip right there!

    Irn Bru? Nah, it was Tom Cruise’s fault.
    I was so annoyed during War of the Worlds at the cinema that I but hard into a chocolate raisin that was actually a chocolate rock and sheered a big bit off my tooth. It’s been trouble ever since, broke it again on a Swedish meatball wrap from Pret a Manger. This is it’s last chance.

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