Our daughter Holly was born yesterday at 1832, 9lb 15oz. Words are failing me. How can I describe the moment when I first held her? Or when we were first alone and we realised a couple had become a family? I can’t and it doesn’t matter. It’s just the best thing ever.

3 thoughts on “HLY*”

  1. Whoohoo!

    Congratulations to you and ptc*ette ;)

    I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on Cruxter Man’s postings on OM. He claims to have taken his daughter wild camping at three months old!

    But he’s not called Cruxter Man for nothing (Cruxter being the name of a bombproof “full” mountain tent in case anyone is wondering).

    So – you’ve got the clock ticking… three months… Surely the back of the Ben in winter somewhere would be fine for a ten week old? ;)

    Seriously though – congratulations again!

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