When the High5 package came in for test, it felt like I’d come home, I used to fire this stuff down my neck on a regular basis. But as I slowed a bit and carried a tent more I drifted away from it. Now that everyone is trying to be “real food” with their sports and energy bars it’s actually rather refreshing to see a brand that’s not checking into Hype Hotel.
I’ve had inconsistent use the past wee while, but it’s still good fuel when you use it, ages since I’ve used gels, and I can see why Holly gets a spoonful of jam and runs away with it to eat it, it’s kinda nice. The drink mixes have always been good, their isotonic has long proved the concept of techno hydration for me (and I do mean me personally, not as a concept for everyone), on the bike and in summer anyway. The energy bars? McCowan’s Highland Toffee for the active person.

The debate about fancy fuel is eternal and pointless, it’ll do its work differently for everyone, and even the thought of it will horrify many. Some racers drink plain water, and eat a bananana to win, others digest only their sponsor’s products to win, I’ve had my day saved and my legs revived on many occasions by sachets or bars and also by a handful of water from a mountain burn.
So the choice is yours, and it’s choice that’s important.

5 thoughts on “High5”

  1. Wise words – I love gels and electrolyte drinks as they really work for me both as fuel and for taste. Along with biltong and a small bag of cold pasta and pesto they are the food of champions (and this 40something on long backpacks or climbs).

  2. … and for energy, I swear by my tablet bars. I get about 24 bars of tablet produced from a bag of sugar, 1/2 block of Stork marg, a tin of condensed milk and 1/2 hour of National Grid output. Real energy boost.

    Fat… me ??

  3. For running and on the bike i use SIS stuff, so will need to try out High5 and see how i get on.

    For hydration on the bike i use Nuun, but for some reason it doesnt agree with me when i’m running. I’ve started using this stuff when running and find it to work really, really well. http://www.eletewater.co.uk/

    Just add it to water, so it’s really usefull to use at races as i know i’ll be getting water and it’s a nice wee portable bottle to carry when running distances.

  4. Good comms folks, there’s a bit of snootiness about energy foods, and it’s good to see that we’re neither fanatios nor naysayers!
    Nuun and Torq I’ve used and like, that eletewater is a new one on me though. No taste is interseting, I feel an email coming on…

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