Hier kommt die Sonne

Work is very much in control at the moment. I’ve been lucky enough to snag a couple of wee jobs that I really wanted, so the wolves can circle some other poor bastard for a few weeks.
But, to be true to type, I’m running behind. Does that stress me? Hell no, not any more. I’ll get there, and getting there in the nick of time is much more fun than leaving early. For one, the customer thinks “If it’s that easy, why aren’t we paying him less?”, and also there’s no stories to tell later if it’s easy.
I’ll make the mountains this week though. You just see if I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Hier kommt die Sonne”

  1. Aye, and as expected the phone’s gone and there’s panic. “I threw the switch and there was a bang and a flash and the church herating never came on” I can see this both screwing my plans and costing them a lot of money (my money’s on the aging twin head 3-phase pump being burnt out…).

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