Hiding in plain sight. Trail January ’11

This has been a year of me cropping up.  I mean that as an outdoor bloke, I’ve always cropped up as an engineer, often up through a hatch or out of a manhole door, occasionally the BBC as well now I come to think of it, but I digress. One way or another I’ve got about and been grinning at folk from all sorts of places and mediums, but this was a little different. It was at the start of the year when using one of my Dec ’09 Grey Corries photies came up as a possible for a cover shot. My immediate thought was that typical of a Scotsman and a chancer, of which I am both, that none of the shots were good enough, either technically (it’s a point-and-click LX3), or compositionally (me running around in front of the lens on a 10 second timer) .
The next I heard was earlier this month when I got an email asking if I had the original of the shot below, which I did at home , but reading the message while I was sitting in the chippy in Aveimore the day before the mag went to press didn’t help my chances. However, just in time is plenty of time.
I think it’s pretty cool, and I’m really rather chuffed.
I should really flag up my Trail stuff more often, the trips shown on here are properly described in there a lot of the time. This issue has the cracking Ben Challum trip I did with Joycee a few months back and I’ve got a wee bit about Gairich in the supplement with a nice wee shot of a sunset over the Cuillin.
But the pleasure and pain principal applies too, there’s a cracking Ben Lomond feature in there and every time someone writes about the Ben I can’t help but feel possesive about it!

15 thoughts on “Hiding in plain sight. Trail January ’11”

  1. Hmm! there’s no fav button on this site.Congrats it is a really nice shot.
    The Silver Scrambler has a Marvel comic ring to it, that’ll be you then :o)

  2. Aye, grand pic :)

    But I found myself reading the cover too and I can’t keep a straight face…

    “Ben Nevis Your Ultimate Weekend”
    “Sharp Edge – Are you ready for *Real Mountain Exposure?”

    I must say “Beat Athlete’s Crotch” sounds curious… but I suspect it won’t be an in-depth analysis. And maybe it belongs in an entirely different sort of magazine altogether! :O)

  3. If you’d have bent that arm upwards it would have looked like Bruce Forsyth on a peak. Great shot mate but as matt mentions some strange readings on the cover. P.S have a good trip and i bet its a bit parky up there now as it is in Lancs.

  4. Ok, so you’re a Page 1 guy; are you planning to move on to Page 3? ;-)
    Though if ‘Beat Athlete’s Crotch’ is part of the Page 3 spread, I think I’ll give it a miss..

  5. I ran along the cycle path past Bowling this morning and on to the canal towpath. A slightly surreal experience. Between Dumbarton and the canal I never saw any other person or footsteps in the snow. And hardly any traffic noise from the A82 either. Just a world of whirling snow.

  6. I hope you waved as you passed!

    We were down at ASDA and M&S picking up supplies for the trip and when we were there at the back of 4 it was a ghost town. We’d missed the panic buying phase earlier in the day thankfully.

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