Hiccup & Heartburn

Joycee was away to see her pal’s comedy gig, so we dropped her off and me and the girl headed to the beach on our way back to a late night Spongebob marathon. My phone decided to make faded 1970’s prints instead of photies, we played until it was dark looking for clues hidden in the rocks or pawprints in the sand and then we had to run home through the woods shouting “Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!” because it was so cold.
I hope she remembers in ten years that we’re really best pals.

We crouched silently and the swan swam up to us, looked left and right like a model at the end of the catwalk, flicked its tail and then headed out into the river. Poser.

2 thoughts on “Hiccup & Heartburn”

  1. Thanks. I hope we are giving her a happy childhood, one she’ll look back on in the way I do with my own. You get one shot at this stuff.

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