Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity HPI First Look

This is the stuff I like see from Hi-Tec, the V-Lite Infinity HPI’s are a proper performance trail shoe. They’re light enough, 328g for a single UK9 and have reasonably low profile sole unit with great flexibility at the forefoot.

The upper is mesh, see the light coming through in the shot below, with a little extra padding around the heel area. The heel is a nice shape, neater than most Hi-Tecs which is good and another departure from the norm is the tongue which is joined all the way up to keep the crap out of your sock. There’s also some padding in the tongue, but like the heel area there’s not enough to absorb or hold much water, the Infinity’s should dry in the tent porch at camp just fine.

The outsole is a dual density Vibram unit which is quite deeply patterned, although the heel has a big centre block that looks a bit skiddy, time will tell. The midsole has some padding and there’s underfoot protection too, so hopefully there’s a mix of dexterity with ache avoidance built in, something that would make them a good start point for trail shoe doubters.

There’s reflective detailing and Ion Mask waterproofing in there too, all of which is good. It’s an interesting shoe and I’m away to kick its arse on the trails. I’ll report back as I go.

6 thoughts on “Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity HPI First Look”

  1. Crikey you’re pumping them out today! I’m liking Hi-Tec stuff at the moment, some really innovative gear, I’ll be interested to see how you get on with these.

  2. I’m denting the backlog :o)

    I’m hoping these are good, they feel like they’re going to be. Good to have top class proper trail shoes from a brand that folk are used to seeing and wearing, makes the concept more accessible maybe.

  3. how you getting on with these, im currently trying to decide between these, some aku ones (similar to my boots) and some salomon speedcross

  4. I’d go for these over the Speedcross, but it’s a fit thing as always.
    These are nice gap filler between big fat trail shoes and skimpy runners, I like them. Let’s see if they last the summer!

  5. I’ve got a pair of the speedcross cs3 and these on order so will see which fits when they arrive, if neither looks like ill be shelling out for the aku…

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