As we sat in the canteen waiting for the new bit of pipework we’d just finished to fill up I flicked through a Sunday paper glossy supplement. Lots of pages of stick thin burds making faces at the camera either in a professional or accidental capacity, but the adverts are what caught my eye. A home furnishing crowd called Dwell were touting their wares over  a whole page and one item had me holding the page closer to my dirty reading glasses to see if my initial “Ooh, that’s horrific” was justified.

Do you need something different in your living room, do you need to embrace and express diverse areas of your persona and interests such as a love of furry animals and eternal damnation? Well, for you, Dwell have Hellraiser the Hare. Skinned by Pinhead himself, this undead gentle creature of the countryside will soon become a talking point for family and visitors alike. And, just in case you’re worried that the skinless wretch will suffer as he oozes onto your mantelpiece this winter, Dwell have thoughtfully supplied your Hare from Hell a finely woven tweed scarf to keep the chill off him as his lidless eyes burn into you nightly as you watch the TV.

£89 too. Bloody hell. Literally.

Photie from google, liberties taken etc.

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